The Company

Rechargeable nickel-zinc batteries with rechargeable zinc cartridges for energy storage and solar-plus-storage applications. Battery grade nickel hydroxide.

Panisolar is a CleanTech startup that commercializes energy storage devices. The company was established in 2006, and incorporated under the Canadian Business Corporation Act. Panisolar’s team is small, but successful in development of the most challenging technologies in the energy storage industry.

Panisolar’s rechargeable zinc electrodes have been applied to nickel-zinc batteries, zinc-air fuel cells, and hydrogen-on-demand systems. The company also offers the production of battery grade nickel hydroxide that can be used for any alkaline battery.  Panisolar’s battery chargers, based on proprietary electronic circuits and programming algorithms, are important system components that contribute to battery performance. 


  • 2018, April 25th. EV Conference and Trade Show, Ottawa.
  • 2016, June 10th. Spring Meeting of the Canadian Section of ECS, Halifax.
  • 2012, October 22nd. 2nd Annual C4 Day of Acceleration, Denver.
  • 2012, June 4th, International Conference for Hydrogen Energy, Toronto, ON.
  • 2011, March, California Market Access Program, San Francisco, CA.